Rent some of these sub-bass speakers and the crowd won't leave the party after they hear how awesome and sweet they sound. We can even custom build you your very own speaker so you can take on challengers and take charge of the dance and party scene. Each sub-bass cabinet  comes equipped  with 2 wheels on rear, 1 handle and two connectors mounted on a rear connector panel.  DROP-OFF & PICKUP.


180° fill in Mid/Highs cabinet designed and built by JAHsound. this 1 of a kind cabinet feature 2 horns and two bullet tweeters. Add these to your sound system system setup to help fill in those dead-spots and areas of the venue that are lacking in mid vocals and highs or send signal in 2 direction at the same time and can handle over 1,ooo Dual connector panel on rear.


200 watts RMS 4 or 8 Ohms. Hear what you've bin missing all this time. This is our top of the line bullet tweeter cabinet, built for the the very best pro sound system application, outdoors or indoors and large venues, we can even build to fit your tweeter.

Even though we mostly build custom speakers, we also design, draw and build our very own  brand of speaker boxes called "JAHsound", we are working to establish our brand on a daily base so please tell a friend that we build speaker boxes, thanks. Building speaker box/cabinet is a lot of work but we love every second of it, we put our heart and soul and sometimes blood sweat and tears into every last box that  we build, and the end of the day all that hard work makes for a great product, excellent sound, durability and a well built product which can last a lifetime  and many Years! of enjoyment, fun  love, and laughter, we also rent Pro Audio equipment, Amplifiers, Mixers, Microphone and more.


50 Watts RMS / 8 or 4 Ohms top of the line dual Pro  BEYMA bullet tweets loaded in a JAHsound durable speaker box. These Pro  tweeter will sound more noticeably natural and smoother than standard tweeters.

JAH HT2001

Powerful 800 watts RMS dual  horn tweeter cabinet with 2ea 4.25" x 4.25" Horns. Powerline Series Has Built-In Breaker Protection.


Let us build you some of these tweeter boxes for your favorite tweeters or for the ones you have lying around, just let us know the hole cut-out and bolt pattern dimension.


This is a super serious tweeter cabinet right here for your medium to large sound system application. 100 watts at 4 or 8 Ohms, smooth sounding and sweeter sounding than most standard tweeters.


800 watts RMS 4 or 8 Ohms and its all she wrote, built rugged and will last a lifetime, 4 each Pyle TW46 mounted in a JAH Box.

JAH HT4001

This quad tweeter cabinet is extremely powerful, clean and true music to your ears, it handles 1,600 RMS of watts and has a circuit breaker built into each tweeter.


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